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Meet Our CEO 

Since establishing Haven Cleaning in 2021, I have serviced residential and commercial properties in the Birmingham metro area all whilst giving a personalized experience to each client. The passion I exude for being able to contribute to a healthy living environment, allows me to provide quality work with every client, big or small. Passion, patience and understanding are three essential qualities that are embedded into my being. These values have helped me continue to be a source of solitude and refuge for every client and future client.

-Anesia Allen

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My Story

“Haven: a place of safety or refuge.“

Cleaning has always been a safe and comforting process for me. I've always taken pride and found peace in a clean and fresh environment, even as an adolescent. I knew, that I wanted everyone to feel how l've always felt when I walked into my home and I wanted to help those who couldn't, be able to come home to a safe haven. My ability to transform spaces into clean, healthy and functional areas has helped me develop my skills and contributed to maintaining long term business relationships. This is how Haven Cleaning was founded.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

(205) 480-7651

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